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MTAC Events

Monthly 2nd Tuesday Programs 

Fresno Pacific University

LOCATION: Elizabeth Lyles Theater, Warkentine Culture and Arts Center

Tuesday, May 28, 2024, 11:00 - 11:50 AM

LOCATION:  Warkentine Culture and Arts Center, Fresno Pacific University, 4838 E. Butler Avenue, Fresno, CA 

Rei Hotoda, Music Director of the Fresno Philharmonic, presents

Conducting Life

with Rei Hotoda

With a brief music performance by

Constantine Janello, cello, and

Rei Hotoda, piano

Admission: Free
Parking: Free




September 12, 2023:

Fresno State Piano Trio featuring

Dr. Peter Klimo, piano

Dr. Limor Toren-Immermann, violin

Dr. Thomas Loewenheim, cello

Performing trios by Beethoven and Ravel

October 10, 2023:

John S. Hord


Johann Sebastian Bach: Thinking Musically

November 14, 2023:

Dr. Walter Saul

How to Compose for Various Mediums

January 9, 2024:

tony sanders

The roles of music in drama

February 13, 2024:

Dr. Michael Krikorian

A History of Music in Video Games

March 12, 2024:

Dr. Arsen Jamkotchian

The music of Armenian composer/pianist ARNO BABADJANIAN (1921-1983)

April 9, 2024:

College Student Showcase

Music performed by students from Fresno State and Fresno City College


Members of MTAC Fresno are dedicated to the education of students of music and continuing education for all lovers of music of any age.  We provide our Continuing Education Programs admission free as our contribution for the betterment of residents of the Central San Joaquin Valley.

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