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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is MTAC?
    MTAC stands for the Music Teachers’ Association of California. The mission of MTAC is to pursue excellence in music education and advance the music teaching profession through innovative programs that foster artistic growth and achievement. Click here for a full history of the organization. MTAC Fresno is the local branch within MTAC that covers all of Fresno County and the surrounding central valley.
  • Why MTAC?
    MTAC provides students with a variety of local and state run programs that cultivate musical development and strengthen relationships within their community. Each MTAC teacher has earned a degree in music and is highly qualified to instruct students in their primary instrument or subject. In addition, students have the opportunity to participate in local and state run MTAC events and receive state recognition and honors through the MTAC student programs.
  • What programs are offered for students?
    The following statewide programs are offered to students: PERFORMANCE: Adult Performance Certificate of Merit Piano Concerto Solo Competition VOCE Young Artist Guild COMPOSITION: Composers Today Improvisation Young Composer’s Guild CONVENTION PROGRAMS: Contemporary Music Recital Convention Honors Ensemble Friend’s of Today’s Music In addition, there are local recitals, festivals, competitions and masterclasses. Click here to view local upcoming events.
  • How does my student get involved in the programs offered by MTAC?
    Your student must be studying with a music teacher who is an active member of the Fresno Branch of MTAC. Click here to find an eligible teacher and discuss your interest in being part of an MTAC program. Once your student is studying with an MTAC teacher, they can then be entered into one or more of the various MTAC programs based on their teacher’s recommendation and assessment of student preparation and skill level.
  • Why MTAC?
    MTAC provides teachers with professional opportunities, networking at both state and local levels, and a wide variety of student programs. Teachers can increase their visibility to potential students by listing themselves in the MTAC directory. Teachers can also network with other local musicians by participating in branch events including recitals, festivals, competitions and masterclasses. MTAC state conventions also allow teachers the opportunity to give or attend professional presentations, perform in the teacher’s recital, and highlight outstanding students in the student convention recitals.
  • How do I join MTAC?
    Click here for more information on membership eligibility and how to apply.
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