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Carter, Tina M.

Piano, Music Theory


I have been teaching piano in the Fresno area since 1980 and continue to love it! I consider it a privilege to be a part of my students’ lives, helping them develop their God-given gifts of creativity. Music is a wonderful way for us to express ourselves and to add beauty to our lives and the world around us. It’s also a great avenue by which to learn the rewards of discipline, patience, and diligence. Students of all ages and levels are welcome in my studio.

I received my BA in Music Education from CSU Fresno, where I studied piano with Ena Bronstein and Dr. Bob L. Bennett. I also studied piano pedagogy with Dr. Bennett, and taught under his direction at the Youth Piano Conservatory, a University-sponsored program offering group instruction. The best part about teaching piano is the students! It is a joy to get to know them and to watch them achieve goals, meet challenges, and create music.
Please explore my website to know more about what I offer in my studio.


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